Smart Buildings

Smart-Access and Security


Konexy can improve many type of installations security by providing a solution on the Cloud capable of controlling access to installations based on RFID readers and access doors as well as monitoring any type of security sensor. Konexy has been designed to monitor security elements status and raise alerts in case the sensor is being tampered and loses connection to Konexy. Security solutions on the Cloud build with Konexy offer an extra layer of safety.

  • Control access to remote installations from a centralized system.
  • Immediately detect tampered security systems.


A M2M gateway can control, over a serial connection (RS232 or RS485) or an industrial interface, the machinery operations to transmit elevator status and even perform remote diagnostics. Both elevators manufacturers and maintenance companies can then build over Konexy an integrated application combining telemetry data, on-field technicians management and maintenance inspection history.

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance of elevators to reduce maintenance cost and provide a better service.
  • Deploy and manage information displays inside the elevators and easily integrate them to a content management systems or advertising media companies.


To achieve building energy efficiency a smart lighting is a required solution. The best solutions not only automate the use of lights according to the presence of humans and external ambient conditions, they also keep track of energy consumptions and maintenance operations. Using Konexy to create a complete solution like this is very simple because all the modules you need to collect data from different sensors, operate lighting switches and integrate external IT applications are already built-in.

  • Fully automate lighting based on any type of sensor, motion, ambient light and your business rules and reduce energy consumption.
  • Implement automated maintenance to reduce costs.


Integrating a Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) into a centralized management application is easy. Konexy can control directly installation elements or integrate a local management station through standard protocols like Modbus®, BACnet® and Longworks®.

  • Reduce Energy consumption.
  • Remotely monitor HVAC installations.
  • Measure Energy efficiency.

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