Smart Consumer Products

Consumer Habits


Ever wondered how your customers use you products? Konexy can collect usage-based data to apply Big Data Analytics and create useful statistical reports. With Konexy you can also program Marketing campaigns based on data collected from your products.

  • Learn how your customers use your products.
  • Create marketing campaigns to promote the usage of your products.


Remote Maintenance

Consumer gadgets now require more remote maintenance actions to upgrade firmwares or update configurations. Konexy helps consumer electronics industry to easily maintain embedded software through its device management module. Konexy supports massive deployments and investments in infrastructure.

  • Enable remote maintenance of embedded software in consumer electronics.
  • Scale up to millions of devices managed without infrastructure costs.

Replacement Supply Tracker

If your company’s products are designed to use original replacement parts then tracking when and how your customers renew them becomes a priority. Konexy can track when your products will require a replacement and sometimes even if the customer renewed the part with an original product. Konexy software can log all that data and use it in your Marketing and Sales departments.

  • Track if your customers use original replacement parts.
  • Create marketing campaigns to promote the sales of replacement parts.

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